Top Lightning Nodes in Africa

Embrace the future of Bitcoin payments with Africa Free Routing exceptional network
of top Lightning nodes in Africa, including our flagship node, Africa Free Routing, and an impressive 9BTC capacity and over 250 channels across all nodes.

We have strategically positioned these top lightning nodes in Lagos Nigeria, Accra Ghana, and Nairobi Kenya catering to the booming Bitcoin markets in those regions, providing essential Bitcoin liquidity as well as paving the way for enhanced and cheaper transactions and a borderless experience.

As customer demand guides us, we are committed to expanding our node network. You can easily acquire Bitcoin liquidity from any of our nodes by clicking on the images below. Also check out our services.

With seamless interlinking of our nodes, we optimize payment speed, ensuring the fastest and most efficient Bitcoin transactions between you and your customers. Experience heightened efficiency and effectiveness in your Bitcoin payments through our interconnected node network.

Join us as we revolutionize the way Africa interacts with Bitcoin, one lightning node at a time.

Our Nodes

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