3 for 2 deal


This is a great opportunity to get more value and affordability as you supercharge the capacity and channel network of your lightning node. With three channels from our node network, you’ll have more options for routing your payments with zero fees on our node. We currently have four nodes on our network, this deal gives you the opportunity to connect to three of them and yet only pay for two!

Here's How it Works:

Order three channels from our network.

Only pay for two.

Get the smallest channel for free!


More value and affordability.

Route more payments with zero fees.

Buy Inbound Liquidity at Deal Rate:

Order liquidity from us effortlessly in just two steps:

1️⃣ Fill out and submit the form.

2️⃣ Pay the displayed lightning invoice

Channels will be opened within 24 hours of payment being received.

We will open channels at a maximum fee rate of 20sats/vb. Should you wish to pay more than this to have your transaction clear faster, please be sure to leave your contact details.

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