Lightning Network & Node Resources

The Lightning Network is a layer 2 scaling solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables fast, cheap, and scalable bitcoin payments. It allows users to send and receive bitcoin instantly, securely and with low fees by opening payment channels between users that keep the majority of transactions off-chain.

This page contains resources for learning about and using the Lightning Network and running your own Lightning node. It includes information on the basics of the Lightning Network, technical resources, various wallet options, running a node, services for getting liquidity, earning satoshis, and more.

Whether you’re new to Lightning and looking to learn, or an experienced user seeking tools and services, this guide aims to provide a helpful reference for the Lightning Network ecosystem.

Getting Started :

Non-custodial wallets

Custodial & Other Wallets

  • Blink (available in Google Play and AppStore)
  • Wallet of Satoshi (Available on Google Play and the Apple AppStore)
  • Alby (Github) (connect various wallet interfaces to this browser extension for web-native payments. And login with lightning. Available for Firefox, Chrome, Brave and others)
  • IpayBTC (available on Google Play and AppStore)
  • Bitnob (available on Google Play and AppStore)
  • Cashwyre (available on Google Play and the App Store)

Lightning Node

Node Implementations

Node Setup

Node Management and Monitoring

Node Explorers

  • 1ML – Lightning network and node statistics
  • ACINQ – Geographical distribution of Lightning nodes
  • Amboss – Detailed information on channels and fee rates
  • Lightning Terminal – Evaluating channels and peers
  • LNnodeinsight – Analytics from the perspective of your own node
  • Lightning Terminal (self hosted dashboard)

Get & Manage Liquidity

Security and Privacy

Advanced Node Management

Development and APIs

Community and Support

Earn Sats

  • Stacker News: Receive sat tips as rewards for sharing content about Bitcoin.
  • Fountain FM: Support your favorite podcasts by streaming and tipping sats

We hope this page is a helpful reference as you learn about the Lightning Network. As the ecosystem grows and as we continue to try out more tools and resources, we’ll add more and keep this page current. Please check back for new information or suggest resources to include. We’re excited to see Lightning innovation and hope this guide is useful.