About Africa Free Routing

The lightning network is the biggest discovery since the invention of Bitcoin. It takes the greatest money ever created and allows you to send it anywhere in the world almost instantly and for free. This is particularly important in Africa as Bitcoin can be a lifeline for our people who suffer terribly because our money is so bad. Indeed Africa has an opportunity to leapfrog the world through the adoption of Bitcoin.

However when African Bitcoiners looked at the lightning network map of Africa, it was notably dark, and so we created Africa Free Routing to change that. We want to light up the African continent with the lightning network and in the process give Africans the fastest and most reliable Bitcoin payment experience.

Why Africa?

It takes about 50 milliseconds for data to cross the earth. This is your payment, and when it has to hop around all over the place, all those 50 milliseconds start to add up. Right now, the vast majority of lightning payments in Africa have to travel all over the globe, creating unnecessary delays and impacting customer experience. We are dedicated to solving this issue by bringing lightning hubs to the African people, thereby strengthening the Lightning network in Africa and enabling faster and more efficient Bitcoin payments

Why Free Routing?

Because people are not accustomed to paying transaction fees. While lightning fees are negligible, they still impose a cost on the customer that, in many cases, used to rest with the merchant. We have no issue with others charging routing fees. However, by selling channels and offering a free routing service, we enable merchants to retain some of that cost. Our goal is to ensure that the customer’s buying experience remains as fast and affordable as possible, while bolstering the Lightning network in Africa. This is how lightning will triumph, by prioritizing seamless and cost-effective Bitcoin payments.

Where are we going?

Our first goal is a lightning node in every African country, but next it will be every city until the continent is covered by a fully redundant network of payment nodes. An unstoppable payments network for an unstoppable money. This is how we will contribute to the growth of Bitcoin in Africa.

Please support us:

We are here for the mission not the money. Africa Free Routing is run on a non-profit basis. All profits we make go towards Bitcoin education and adoption in Africa. Please open a channel to one or more of our nodes or buy a channel from us. Every little bit helps.

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